Friends of the Library


The mission of the Friends is to foster ongoing community support and awareness of Roddenbery Memorial Library. Friends will provide a forum for developing interest and involvement in support of the library’s function which may include fundraising activities, public relations events and advocacy for sustainability.

To advance our mission, the Friends group is committed to the following objectives:
a. To advocate for further development and sustainability of the Roddenbery Memorial Library.
b. To promote the programs and services of the library to the community.
c. To support and encourage community participation in the areas of funding, technology, and volunteerism to enhance the overall library experience.
d. To serve as a resource through which library activities, programs, and ideas can be explored, discussed and augmented.
e. All activities shall be exclusively for charitable, educational or other purposes permitted by I.R.C. Section 501(c)(3).

Friends of the Library Executive Board              Members at Large

Don Nickerson                President

Robin Renaud                Vice-President                 Jenny Ponder

Becca Tobar                   Secretary                         Jeanette Sickle

Gilda Harrell                    Treasurer

Friends of the Roddenbery Memorial Library Application