RML History

What was known as the Cairo Public Library began in January of 1939. The small library was located on the second floor of City Hall and was led by an outstanding woman who possessed a strong commitment to serve the community. In 1964 the Library moved into a new building on North Broad Street, a gift of the Roddenbery Family to the community.
In June 2011, Pamela S. Grigg became the fourth director of the Roddenbery Memorial Library.She brings extensive experience in rural public libraries and a passion for providing outstanding services and relevant materials to all citizens of Grady County. She’s often heard saying, “the library belongs to everyone in the county and should be a gathering place, a comfortable venue to experience, explore and engage all of our senses”. From learning to read, to enjoying music, stories, newspapers, or books. All of these things and many more are accessible at the Roddenbery Memorial Library at 320 North Broad Street in Cairo, Georgia or online at www.rmlibrary.org.
Alan Kaye became Roddenbery Memorial Library’s third director on July 1, 1992. He continued to keep the library’s commitment to public service, assisting all individuals and groups in Grady County in their educational, cultural, economic, and social enrichment.David E. “Dave” Eden was hired in June of 1988 as the second library director. He brought automation to the library and directed the building expansion which was completed in November of 1989. He resigned in January 1992, to take the position of director at Thomas County Public Library.Wessie Connell was the library’s director for the first 48 years until her death in 1987. “Miss Wessie” became a legend in Georgia and is well respected throughout the library world. Following her death, Frank Bennett, Technical Services Librarian, served as acting director for nine months.

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