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Grady County Historical Society – Membership Form


 Historical Society


The purpose of this society shall be to bring together those people interested in history, and especially in the history of Grady County.


The Society will discover, collect, and  disseminate any material which may help to establish, illustrate or educate the general public to the history of the area; including
·   its exploration, settlement, development, and activities in peace and in war, and;
·   its advancement in population, wealth, education, arts, science, agriculture, manufacturers, trade and transportation.

The material may include:
·   printed material such as histories, genealogies, biographies, descriptions, gazetteers, directories;
·   manuscript material such as letters, diaries, journals, memoranda reminiscences, rosters, service records, account books, charts, surveys, and field books; and
·   museum material such as pictures, photographs, paintings, portraits, scenes, aboriginal artifacts, and material objects illustrative of life, conditions, events, and activities of the past and the present.

Museum and History Center


The Grady County Museum will preserve, interpret, and display the materials of the Grady County Historical Society; offering ways to explore the people and events that have made the area what it is today

Our Vision


Interactive Exhibits that encourage exploration and discovery into our past.
Educational Programs for children and adults through lectures, performances, workshops, and special activities.
Archives and Research in cooperation with the Library.
Tours through the Museum, Downtown Cairo, Grady County, and Southwest Georgia.
Museum Shop featuring specialty items.