Q: I have some old books that I would like to give to the library. How do I go about doing that?

A: The library is happy to accept donations. The patron should call Janet Boudet, the Associate Director, at 377-3632, ext. 103, first before bringing any items to the library. The library asks that donations be physically clean. Ask yourself, “Would I want to check out a book in this condition from the library?” We cannot use books that have been kept outside in the garage and have cobwebs and bug droppings on them. We also ask that the books be intact. If the pages are loose, torn, or brittle, covers damaged, etc. and would not be able to hold up through a reading, we cannot use these books either. The library does not have the facilities to dispose of books in poor condition. What items we cannot add to the collection (such as books we already have copies of or are out-of-date and not relevant) we put into our Used Book Store.

Q: Does the library display personal collections and items from the public?

A: The library loves to share your collections with the patrons! We have three display cases (two in the adult area and one in the children’s area) that would love to be filled with interesting collections and timely topics. If you have something you’d like to display, please call 377-3632 to arrange a time and date.

Q: I have a paper that needs to be typed and I don’t have the skills or time to do it. Does the library have someone that can do this?

A: No, the library staff is not allowed to type research papers and fill out forms for patrons. We will be glad to get you started on a word processing program or show you how to use the typewriter to fill out the forms. We also have a list of people that can be contacted to type your paper for a fee.

Q: My child has a homework assignment. Is there someone at the library to assist them?

A: We will gladly assist any child and help them locate material to use for their homework assignment. We cannot sit down and help the child do his/her homework. Children under the age of 10 cannot be left alone at the library and children under the age of 12 cannot use the Internet without an adult present. Patrons can also call and request information for a homework assignment to be left at the circulation desk to be picked up, if necessary.